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Race 2 Play setup developer

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2012.04.10, 13:06
Master the secrets of race car Setup Fu with straight-up questions and answers using the Race2Play Setup Developer Tool!

This interactive program steps the user through the major areas of race car setup and tuning, asking simple questions about the telemetry readings and behavior of the car under specific race conditions. "How does the car react at initial turn-in?" "How does the car feel from mid-corner to exit when on the throttle?" "What type of track are you preparing for?"

Choosing from a menu of possible responses to the questions ("Sluggish turn-in", "Oversteer", "Long sweeping corners"), the user describes the car and the program calculates possible setup changes accordingly. Questions asked. Questions answered.

The Race2Play Setup Developer Tool covers the following areas of race car setup and tuning:

Springs and antiroll bars
Wedge, track bar and spring rubbers
Tire pressures and camber
Caster and toe
Weight distribution
Fuel calculator
Pit stop change options

The advice and interactive program is the product of Race2Play Chief Setup Engineer Tim McArthur's two decades of research in simulated auto racing. The information offered therein is relevant not only to all racing sims, but real world applications as well.
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